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With the development of modern culture and modern agriculture, modern science has also developed. With it diseases are becoming more harmful and resistant, the human body is deteriorating. Body's immunity to survive against diseases is reducing. Modern medication is becoming more expensive, which is not affordable by the poor people. Besides, this system does not help in the natural activities of the body. The main reason for all this is the inappropriate food, irresponsibility of people towards the environment and unnatural lifestyles etc.

Do Nothing & Earn More

Most of the people don't even dream of farming without tilling, fertilizers, pesticides and weeding but since 1960 till today for Mr.Bhaskar Save' of Umbergaon in South Gujarath, that is the natural way. He hasn't ploughed his farm, nor used agrochemicals and still reaps a record harvest.

Mr. Save' who owns 14 acres land and use to do cultivation with 'Modern Method of Farming' (MMF). In the year 1957, Mr.Save' faced heavy losses due to MMF1 Within 3 years he realized full drawback of MMF. He found that 'There is nothing wrong with the land, but the problem of losses was with the system of MMF'. His profitability has dwindled considerably due to the use of MMF material, also the land started loosing its porosity and fertility. He realized ( in 1960) the natural cycles and philosophy to 'Live & Let Live'. By observing the growth of forests, where trees & bushes roots grow thick and long without any help from anybody of tilling, manure, watering, crop protection and weeding. Nature only takes care of its own creation so long as it is not disturbed.

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