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With the development of modern culture and modern agriculture, modern science has also developed. With it diseases are becoming more harmful and resistant, the human body is deteriorating. Body's immunity to survive against diseases is reducing. Modern medication is becoming more expensive, which is not affordable by the poor people. Besides, this system does not help in the natural activities of the body. The main reason for all this is the inappropriate food, irresponsibility of people towards the environment and unnatural lifestyles etc.
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Do Nothing & Earn More:

Most of the people don’t even dream of farming without tilling, fertilizers, pesticides and weeding but since 1960 till today for Mr.Bhaskar Save’ of Umbergaon in South Gujarath, that is the natural way. He hasn’t ploughed his farm, nor used agrochemicals and still reaps a record harvest.

Mr. Save’ who owns 14 acres land and use to do cultivation with ‘Modern Method of Farming’ (MMF). In the year 1957, Mr.Save’ faced heavy losses due to MMF1 Within 3 years he realized full drawback of MMF. He found that ‘There is nothing wrong with the land, but the problem of losses was with the system of MMF’. His profitability has dwindled considerably due to the use of MMF material, also the land started loosing its porosity and fertility. He realized ( in 1960) the natural cycles and philosophy to ‘Live & Let Live’. By observing the growth of forests, where trees & bushes roots grow thick and long without any help from anybody of tilling, manure, watering, crop protection and weeding. Nature only takes care of its own creation so long as it is not disturbed.

In 1960, first time with the help of the natural cycles Mr.Save’ undertook one experiment in that, his farm’s production and income reduced to 50%, but surprising profit went up! How?

By the MMF production income was Rs.100/- and all the expenditure was Rs.80/-, so net profit was Rs.20/- where in new experiments, income was Rs.50/- and except irrigation Mr.Save’ has not done any thing, that is why expenditure was only Rs.10/-, so he got a profit of Rs.40/- and harvested toxic free production. By this result any uneducated person can realize that he wants ‘ Quantity or Quality’ simultaneously ‘profit or production’. So after MMF illusion was exposed, he has done many other experiments and research to get higher production than MMF.

Mr.Save’ experimented and implemented his techniques, he achieved commendable success by adopting ‘Organic Farming Systems’ (OFS). Mr.Save’ System is the panacea for disease free healthy life through nutritious agricultural produce and pollution free environment and at the same time make good profits by high yields at very low expenses, labor and without any technology. His success comes from years of patiently observing Nature’s ways. For the right education he says ‘My university is my farm’, where by actual practices. I learned that in farming ‘Do nothing and earn more only by little irrigation’.

Mr.Save’ is a small farmer and not educated much, even then he is not secretive about his system and enthusiastically explains them in detail. By actual practices of OFS, Mr.Save’ discovered that any farming methods has only five basic principal and nature help us in all.

1. Tilling : The armies of insects like earthworms and ants, by their tunneling action, till the soil efficiently. In fact, they are better than tractors because, tractors eat oil and disturb the soil and environment too. After the initial tilling, earth worms ants and small insects in the soil do the tilling. Earthworms dig deep holes in the land and comes out for excreta. These excreta contain Manganese, Nitrogen etc., which are required for the growth of the plants & trees. Ants built a network in the soil. Through these holes and network air passes into the soil and during the rainy season water is easily percolated deep down to the root level through these hole. This will help to increase the level of water in the ground.

2. Manure : By the ‘Buffet System’ for the soil, only nutrient used in farm is dead leaves, cow dung and organic waste matter from the other houses in the village. The farmers best friends earthworms convert this organic waste into inorganic manure. When nature provide these earthworms and manure free of cost, why should we show our foolishness by purchasing chemical & fertilizers?

3. Water : Most farmers tend to over use water, suffocating the roots and watering near the trunk makes the roots consequently weak. In ‘ The Platform and Trench System of Irrigation’ and ‘Croton Indicator Plant’, in which irrigation is done 12 feet away from the trees, thus water requirement gets reduced to 80%. This OFS will help to increase the water level in tube wells without any expenses and efforts.

4. Crop protection : Uses natural biological pest control. For Instant, Neem, Curry Patta, Tulasi and Cow Urine solution are insects repellent. Red Ants, Spiders and Frogs would kill, eat more than their weight of insects in a day. Owls hunt rats and many birds play there duty. In fact all the ‘Holly Books’ says that ‘We all are soldiers and not the owners of the earth and our main duty is to protect the earth’, so ‘Live & Let Live Others’. So in nature cycles, why to commit sins by using poisonous pesticides? For such sins and interferes of God’s natural cycles one have to face the consequences.

5. Weeds and Grass : farmers think of weeds as nuisance and enemy, in fact they are nature’s blessing. Plants roots have the unique ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into vital nutrients which benefits other plants too. Beside they ‘Clothe’ the earth, aiding the growth of soil enhancing bacteria and stop the water evaporation. So do not uproot them, only cut and feed to the animals, to get OFS material, milk and strength for the OX for transport.

Mr.Save’ is a follower of Mr.Gandhiji and like him he also believes in one world and treats all people as his brothers. For transfer his OFS in his individual capacity he tried his level best, but only with philosophy and spiritual talk, people do not get convinced. Today one need scientific data, which Mr.Save’ does not have even than people use to visit Mr.Save’ farm and observe the developments; and use to get convinced, but refused to take the risk of shifting from MMF to OFS! Why? Because they are ‘Hooked’ and heavily in debited to moneylenders.

Today, due to MMF, gains and fruits are toxic and tasteless. Such food is making people sick with the disease, weakness and one the strength of medicines, how long can one pull on? At the age of 21, Mr.Ashok Sanghavi, a businessman of M/s. Studio Bahar from Mumbai have ‘Rheumatism’; and in the whole world there is no cure for this disease, so for natural medicines & health food, he decided to do farming, but he did not know the ABC of farming.

As a visitor Mr.Sanghavi was convinced with Mr.Save’ OFS. So in his 23 acres of barren wasteland of ‘Sanghavi Farm’ he took Mr.Save’ guidance in the year 1987. Just in four months, he got nutritious food, healthy life and high profit from wasteland. Mr.Sanghavi realized the importance of Mr.Save’ OFS for the society that ‘By spending money any one can do farming, but under Mr.Save’ OFS with very less investment and by only little irrigation one can earn’.

In the OFS process Mr.Sanghavi learnt that’ For the protection of the living environment, the only road to success is Mr.Save’ simplest system, so it must be addressed to the society. For transfers and imparting Mr.Save’s valuable knowledge to prevent the farmers from committing suicide and to give a healthy life to mankind without disturbing or harming the living world of flora and fauna, Mr.Sanghavi has written his first book to give guidance about how to get 900% benefit? And how to cure acute/chronic diseases without any expenditure.

‘Seeing is believing’ every Saturday Mr.Save’ & Mr.Sanghavi welcome people at their farms, to join hands with the people in their ‘holy work’, to help and propagate the ideas of ‘The way to quality life’. To know more about them at their farms.

today both have tried & convince the people from national and international organization with technical and scientific concrete proof of production and profit. So for their good work they have received many prestigious awards. Mr.Save’s system is a patenable subject, so for national security Mr.Sanghavi tried his level best to register, but there is no support, help or appreciation from the government side! Why? The reason is the MMF lobby, in India as well as abroad obstructs the development and spreading awareness of the OFS.

For the slow progress of mobilization of OFS is very philosophical and initial success of MMF has left a lasting impression in the minds of the farming community as a whole. As such failures under MMF were taken as personal failures of farmers, who are generally illiterates, To understand about the OFS, one has to understand the conception theory of nature as the nature operates at various levels. In India, in no field are we taught about the protection of the environment, natural healing and Ayurveda. That is why people have to forcefully adopt modern medicine and modern farming

Multinational companies are very clever, on one side the have MMF factories and on other side they have pharmacy too. When people get disease and do not get essential elements for body, they provide medicines and nutrition tinned food too. In short to get higher production farmers have used MMF and for more production of animals and hens, scientist have developed ‘Jercy – Cow’ and ‘English Hen – Egg’. Simultaneously ‘Mad – Cow’ ‘Bird – Flu’ and many other disease also developed.

Now with all ‘Modern Culture – Agriculture & Science’, Our body immunity to survive against diseases is reducing. Modern medication is becoming more expensive, which is not affordable to the poor people. Besides, this system does not help in the natural activities of the body. The main reason for all this is the inappropriate food, irresponsibility of people towards the living environment and unnatural lifestyles etc. From this, what lesson we have learned?

The simple answer is ‘RETURN BACK TO NATURE’ ‘Food, Clothing and Shelter’ are the most important necessities of life. Suppose one does not have cloth and shelter, then also one can survive, but without food or with toxic food, how many days one can survive? This is the reason that one should do organic farming or demand only organic farming production for the healthy life.

Today, the expenditure is more than the income so to fulfill family requirements, people and farmers take loans from Bank. Just to get rid of all the debts they work like donkey’s day in and day out and get sick. Then for healthy life they sacrifice their body parts, spend all their wealth on modern medicines and doctors, and not achieve anything. In such devious circumstances Mr.Save’ & Mr.Sanghavi advice only one thing, ‘Like us please adopt OFS or demand only of OFS production for disease-free health, good wealth, happiness & peace’.

* Is there any solution?

We have done research and got the answers to all these and many such questions, with our experience, knowledge and study of nature. Since 1960, we are practicing only Organic Farming and "SERVICE" is our motto. Through the Book - The way to health, wealth & happiness , we present our experiences and research on Organic Farming. In this book, the world's first ever successful experiment and answers to all the above questions are offered to the society.

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